Our Breads

Our Spelt 50/50 and Spelt Seed and Grain loaves on display at the My Local Feast farmers markets

In early 2017 we saw the virtues of real bread, the stuff which feels heavy in your hands, feels happy in your tummy, and ignites your energy to take on the day. From this a passion was born – we taught ourselves to make bread the way it has always been made, full of life and wholeness.

Our aim is to delve back to our roots, back to the days where bread was seen as a nutritious staple for a household.. when time was necessary to rise a dough; and there was only the wild yeast that existed in the family sourdough culture that was passed down through the years. When flour was ground fresh, and loaves were baked by the heat of fire; when fresh, wholesome bread was a part of our lives.

We base our sourdough breads on this outlook. They are made with completely certified organic ingredients, and are freshly stone-ground from organic grains. They do not contain any commercial yeast, sugar, dairy or eggs. Each loaf is slowly made and slowly risen; giving the seeds and grains the proper time to break down, enough for our bodies to easily digest them. The freshly stone-ground flour ensures nutrients superior to even organic store-bought flour, and adds to the exquisite taste of each loaf. We bake our loaves in Big Barry, our homemade earthen oven; a wonderful, slow and extremely satisfying process.

Free-form spelt loaves baking in Big Barry our homemade earthen oven

Waste free alternatives are super important to us. We therefore package the breads in recycled brown paper bags which are food safe, recyclable and home compostable; and if desired we can hold your breads close together with reusable and compostable twine.

Our delicious breads can be found weekly at the My Local Feast farmers markets in Toowoomba. For more information visit our facebook page.

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