We’re Dave and Clara, the faces behind Living by the Earth!  We are a husband, wife, and baby collective who love natural and slow living.

We also have 3 very cheeky pet chickens!

We are currently on hiatus at the moment from our sourdough breads while we enjoy our young little family. In 2017 Clara had the desire to start her own business baking delicious sourdoughs for friends and family. In 2018 this grew to a small market stall at the local markets, selling to the public. This was a great time for us and brought us much joy seeing everyone’s happy faces as we connected with them and supplied them with delicious, nourishing bread.

We love making bread and it’s been an integral part of our journey, but to us Living by the Earth is something much more than selling good, wholesome bread. It represents our journey that we have been on – one that has increasingly grown our love for God’s beautiful creation. To us, this means to connect with the ground beneath our feet – to tend to it, to care for it, and to see the beauty in it. This has brought us down the path of learning age old ways of living, to live waste free and sustainably, to rethink the way we view things such as agricultural methods and meat production, to appreciate what natively grows in our country, and to generally “stop and smell the roses”.. in other words, to take time to reconnect with the earth in our busy culture.

Our hope with Living by the Earth is to inspire others to also see the rich beauty that surrounds us here on earth, and to fall in love with its totally beautiful creator just as we have.

We would love to connect with any like-minded friends who share a similar passion, or anyone in general who may want to know more about natural, sustainable and waste-free living! Feel free to contact us, we are always open to have a chat.

Lots of love,
Dave and Clara x