Hey there, we’re Clara and Dave!

We are passionate about your health, and passionate about our earth. We currently bake sourdough breads and other goodies for the Toowoomba region. Our sourdough breads are made using freshly stone-ground organic grains, and baked with love in our earthen oven. We would love to meet you at the My Local Feast farmers markets on Saturday mornings next to Cobb and Co. If you’d like to get in touch with us online, feel free to submit a form on our Contact page or send us a message on Facebook!

We hope to see you soon! xo

Our Breads

Our Spelt 50/50 and Spelt Seed and Grain loaves on display at the My Local Feast farmers markets

In early 2017 we saw the virtues of real bread, the stuff which feels heavy in your hands, feels happy in your tummy, and ignites your energy to take on the day. From this a passion was born – we taught ourselves to make bread the way it has always been made, full of life and wholeness.

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